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 Abnant, is that you???

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PostSubject: Abnant, is that you???   Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:15 pm

So Im rap battling all nifty at my leisure minding my business, when boy Insta comes over. I give em a taste of them bars and hes all like "yo, let me suck yo d". After given me a nice slurp up hes like '"yo you so intellectual and smarts, you should make a suggestion for server and ima sticky it". Im just like, "kno what, I been watching this server from its humble beginnings, ik what this server needs, I got you bra". So I spent all day rereading relevant papers from my course last semester on justice, and after countless hours I finished constructing the masterpiece that is my suggestion thread. The amount of energy and thaught expounded on this thread will only be known to me and god..

then this nigga got the nerve to..


Pretension aside, I can only assume his actions were a punitive measure to see that I conform to his 3 point format for suggestions... heres the thing..
When the commander and chief is part of the problem how are things suppose to get better.
In all honesty and with all due respect, the juvenile leadership is and has been the ignorant and subpar source of condemnation for this server. The fact that the server is managed and not lead is evident in the activity of its community. I understand my suggestion may have reached the owner, unsolicited and unwarranted. However, the lack of tact and ability to learn is dispacable and repulsive. I refuse (for the last time) to be apart of a community that endorses such a demeanor. I was reluctant to make the suggestion thread to begin with, for I knew it would be very demanding and taxing. I only did so for Moderator Insta's care and understanding.  However this, this thread I make with joy and exstacy, as this shall be the last time I make ammends to such actions.
"You cant escape catpivity if you cant find the bars to the cage"; although, you all seem content in your enclosement. That said, I got a Harvard education, I dont need this... wont be making an official departure thread since my relapse was short-lived. Enjoy this recycled one.



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Abnant, is that you???
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